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I dreamed a dream

By Mark Curtis – 2021

Recently I awoke with a strong memory of a just-finishing dream. Remembering dreams is rare for me, but even now, hours later, the memory and feelings still linger; so I thought I’d better record my dream, just in case it might be important.

In my dream I was much younger, perhaps in my early twenties and I was involved in a great global service effort bringing succor and support in the form of medical assistance to less fortunate people, anywhere and at any time. I worked with a partner, exclusively, for a period of time. I’m not sure how long it was for, but it felt a bit like the military service or Peace Corps that young people in some countries do now. Anyway, it was a voluntary thing that could take you anywhere, anywhere in the world, as the need arose.

My partner and I had a vehicle, a self-contained and self-supporting vehicle that could be deployed quickly anywhere across the globe and could operate independently for a very long time, months or years even. Our vehicle was not particularly large but it did include basic living space as well as a separate working space, sufficient to attend to the medical needs of one or two people at a time.

We were not doctors, rather we were trained technicians; trained to operate the equipment we carried with us. Our equipment was very sophisticated, carrying within it capabilities well beyond what current, publicly acknowledged, medical science understands. Our tools were very high-level, universal in nature. Just a few basic-looking tools that could do pretty much anything needed on the spot, from curing chronic disease through to fixing broken bones and healing minor scratches and bruises. With this vehicle and these tools we could drop into the aftermath of a disaster and render instant emergency assistance, or we could settle for longer into a needy community who didn’t have their own facilities yet. Virtually anything medical was possible. We could heal the sick, we could repair the broken, we could bring hope to the hopeless and we could dry the tears and lift the hearts of the downtrodden. It was a wonderfully fulfilling thing to be involved in; very soul-building, both satisfying and useful. And, it was completely peaceful. I clearly remember the feeling of total tranquil peace as I experienced this dream.

As I began to awaken from this dream and ruminate on my vision, it came to me that this project and our amazing vehicle were made possible by four incredible technologies and a totally different global way of thinking.

The technologies:

  1. The first technology, one without which the whole project would have been pointless, were Med-beds and Med-wands replete with highly sophisticated medical AI scanning and tissue manipulation capabilities to do the scanning, diagnosing, treatment and healing functions.
  2. Next, replicator technology that filled our material needs while in the field. Anything we needed on a daily basis from a cup of coffee to a warm jacket, to a new phone, to a rarely used instrument, to a replacement part for our vehicle, to a book to read during down-time, to a new toy for a child, to a village garbage incinerator. Anything we needed, our replicator could produce and reproduce ad-infinitum at no additional cost.
  3. Thirdly, “free energy”. Some people use the term zero-point energy, but that’s maybe being a bit too prescriptive and, strictly speaking, may not be the right term. Let’s just say that the universe is awash with energy that is freely available to those who know how to harness it. In my dream our vehicle’s power plant could access that energy, lots of energy, and it never ran out.
  4. And for the last technology, arguably the coolest technology of all, anti-gravity propulsion. This enabled us to travel anywhere on earth in mere minutes. In my vision, travel outside the atmosphere wasn’t needed by us, simply because the people we were serving lived here, on the surface, not off-world, so our vehicle wasn’t built for the extra rigors of space travel, but others no doubt were.

And now, to the new way of thinking. A global change of heart, so to speak. In my dream there was no cost, to anything. We now lived in a society where “want” was no longer a thing, and “needs” were easily and freely met. With replicator devices and free energy to power them, along with all our other energy needs, we could easily obtain whatever we needed, both to survive and to thrive. No more hunger, no more employment stress, no more need to struggle to survive.

Work then, became a choice. Some chose to focus solely on their own wants and needs and lived hedonistic but increasingly empty lives. Most however, the vast majority even, chose to willingly and enthusiastically embrace this global change of heart to focus on “service to others”. Thinking, compassionate people across the world easily and quickly realised that the whole is greater than the sum of  its parts and that when we all work together we get much more done than if we continually struggle to climb over each other to get to what we individually perceive as “the top”.

As want was replaced with abundance and altruism became the norm, money quickly became irrelevant. Since we could easily produce whatever we needed, people got their satisfaction from creating, building, designing, inventing & improving and sharing with others rather than just getting or having or doing more than the rest. We had moved from a world that valued “quantity of life” to a world that valued “quality of life”, where we understood that our quality of life improves as a direct result of the improvement of others.

Anyway, That’s the gist of the dream I dreamed as the sun crept in my window this morning. I may have experienced a brief moment of prescience or it may just be wishful thinking; either way the experience left a strong impression and I look forward eagerly to the day this becomes a reality for all.

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