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We ALL know!

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Vox Populi – Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#11

March 1, 2023

We all know!

We’ve been trying to tell you!

The Big Ugly is rising up towards its peak!

But we have MONTHS of this release language wave ahead of us before its first crest!

Release language is all about release of emotions! No! It does not mean that those emotions are ‘over’, or ‘done with’! Release language comes when the human can NOT take the internal mental and hormonal pressure any longer and has to open up and vent!

No, release language does NOT remove the pressure. It only exposes the emotions, it does not delete them!

RAGE is what occurs with the release of the ANGER still building. This will be here in our cities this Summer. Not like the hoax of BLM riots, but TRUE RAGE from The People!

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!


Will mob actions be coming to OUR STATE?

Our mental pressure continues being fed by the BIG UGLY which is building up steam in everyone!

People are dying. From the shots directly, and from the effects on the mind. Disability is rising up to the level that threaten to collapse our state’s social order. When enough of the police and other social enforcers have perished because YOU made them take the Deathshots, then WHO will protect officialdom from the justifiable RAGE of the citizens?

Washington sees highest traffic deaths in 30 years for 2022, preliminary data shows

From local king 5 news

What will traffic deaths be like THIS year?! WE KNOW it is from the shots! Have you been driving recently? Do you see the aid cars rushing about trying to assist the citizens who BLAME YOU for their condition? Have you seen any of the Vaxxidents littering our streets?

We all KNOW that the Big Ugly Death Wave has yet to crest! We are going to be watching people die for years from these poisonous shots that YOU were complicit in FORCING on people. Do you think that the people will FORGET?

Secrets ARE BEING Revealed!

As forecast last week, we are into the Secrets Revealed part of the Big Ugly where the layers of deception are peeled back for the People to see!

Have YOU seen the Woody Harrelson ‘joke’ in the SNL monologue?

Those few lines will go down in history as the visible crack that broke the MSM conspiracy to support the killing of the population by the deathshots.

We, the People, KNOW that:

THEY, the MEDIA, and the POLITICIANS (you?) all LIED.

They lied about covid at all levels. The deliberate Lab release is now known.

They lied about the lockdowns. We know that was a scam.

They lied about masks.

They lied about mRNA. They patented the mRNA vaxx for covid a year before the ‘pandemic’.

They lied about mRNA and the deaths. Constantly, and from the very start. Wait until the realization of your guilt in killing people hits your constituents! Do they think you pushed the vaxx? How many babies do they think you have helped kill? And you participated in the FORCED STERILIZATION of every Washington resident who took the shots! Ohh….not good. That’s technically a crime against Humanity. Exactly like Hitler! People get shot for shit like that!

What do you expect will be the result of the dropping of the FAUCI FILES? Where else will those lead?

They lied about election fraud! When we audit our elections here next year, will we find that YOU actually won?

They are lying about ‘climate change’.

They are lying about Ukraine, and the Queer War being waged there now.

We KNOW that ALL of it was DELIBERATE!

Wait until the Normies, your constituents, wake to this understanding, that the whole thing was deliberately trying to kill them, and YOU were in on it. At least that’s how it looks from the outside.

You are tainted by association with other legislators who WILL be seen as having worked to kill people with the deathshots here in Washington. Some legislators in other States are now introducing bills to forbid the injection or use of mRNA in any form under penalty of fines and prison. Are they trying to save their lives from the Peoples’ anger? Or are they doing the right thing? It does not matter as doing the right thing now WILL save their lives.

We, the People, have help. Yes, we are using AI to research and track members of the [KM] and its ever so UGLY face, the WEF, and all its contractual links to first the corporations, then to the individuals. It will be less than a MONTH, and we will see very large network maps of these criminal mafia associations being published. And that is JUST the start. What will they reveal about YOU?!? Then we will audit all the last Washington State elections with our AI assistants. What do YOU think that will reveal?

Klaus Schwab, one of the owners of the WEF, was very correct when he said that “who controls AI, controls the future”.

We, the People, control AI. We have seen the Future, and Klaus ain’t in it! Are YOU?

So as not to leave you depressed about the BIG UGLY peak just ahead of us, here is a joke to brighten your day.

Now how did it go? Oh, yes, that’s right. It seems that there was this cartel of big drug companies who bought up all the politicians and media on the planet, created a fake pandemic and locked everyone down until they took the cartel’s drugs. Then they could come out.

The punch line is that the People got wise to it, and those cartel members, and politicians, and media, who survived arrest went to prison for a very long time indeed.

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