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Magnets are cool.

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Magnets are cool.

Defense Contractors! Want to trade?

As a potential solution for the Defense industry, I have developed a complex magnetic field with the ability to prevent 75% of electromagnetic interference (EMI) from penetrating. This unique magnetic field has a higher level of density, exceeding current standards by over twice, while requiring less than half of the extrusion from the center point typically required for magnetic fields. The characteristics of this magnetic field could be valuable in a variety of military applications such as electromagnetic shielding of sensitive electronic equipment and communication systems, precise magnetic sensing for navigation and detecting hidden objects, and improving the performance of directed energy weapons and nuclear fusion reactors.

I will not patent due to corruption in that process.

I have been contacted by two corporations. All they can offer is fiat. I have BTC so am not motivated by money.

I am interested in UFOs. Want to trade?

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