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Vox Populi – Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#10

February 24, 2023


We’re Worried about you!

Have you felt it? Are your spidey senses tingling yet?

Look around you, now. Are your co-workers nervous? Anxious? Are they talking about #5GUW yet?

The reason is the FLIP into the PEAK of THE BIG UGLY!

The BIG UGLY is a time of the upending, and overturning of the giant iceberg of public opinion as the 5GUW (5th Generation (global) Unrestricted War) emerges into public discussion.

The BIG UGLY is a time of ‘collective expression of knowledge’, that will produce an ‘upending of the social order’. The ‘upending’ will be spectacularly fast. It will scare the piss right out of you it will be so quickly consuming of YOUR social circle.

Don’t trust what I am writing here? Sure, that’s understandable…I am just some nutty techie guy with a high school education & a twisted mind who was into crypto before BTC was even 1 CENT.

BUT, I could be wrong, after all, I have been forecasting this period since last July. Link at the bottom of this missive.

However, here is another fellow who is saying the same thing, only he is like a legit, regular citizen, with degrees & shit! It’s only 6 minutes to clue you in to YOUR IMMEDIATE FUTURE.

Maybe watch it twice for comprehension.

This ‘flip’ of our social order, the over-turning of our collective mental Iceberg, is a YEARS long process, maybe decades, but MOST of that will be the social oscillations that will come after the ‘flip’.

The FLIP will occur over this next month.

The FLIP peak last about six/6 months, into Fall.

The FLIP will upend your entire world.

The FLIP means that you WILL be hearing discussions everywhere of the Crimes of the CDC, the vile history of Fauci & the NIH, of the Deaths caused by the mRNA poisons, of the Fedsurrection on J6, and the names of the people WHO planned it, and how YOU are being tainted by their LIES. Your constituents will be talking about the [KM] (Khazarian Mafia), and the [DS] (Deep State) while buying coffee, or getting their latest tattoo.

They WILL be talking about YOU too.

“Are YOU part of the [Khazarian Mafia]? “ they will ask.

Are YOU being blackmailed? Extorted?

Are you a pedophile, as are MOST of the [KM]?

You need to toughen up. IT WILL GET WORSE.

People will be asking, they will want to know: Have YOU taken Adrenochrome?

No. Adrenochrome not a myth. It is not an antisemitic lie. It is real. It is THE most expensive illicit drug on this planet. Money alone will NOT get you adrenochome. The price is much higher than that.

The [KM] hides in the body of the Jewish people, as a sacrificial cloak, so that then they can claim ‘antisemitism’ if you question any of their practices, but they are not jews. They consider themselves better than jews. They are true, pure, satanists. They eat human flesh, torture children by sexual abuse, pain, and rape, and then they kill them to harvest the adrenal gland complex, and their ‘product’, adrenochrome.

What?! Do you really think the Ukraine (Khazaria is what we used to call Ukraine) War is about just the biolabs? No, it’s about the [KM] harvesting humans. Putin and the Russian people are no longer having their children stolen to be harvested by the [Khazarian Mafia]!

Are you tainted by association with the [Khazarian Mafia].

You will discover this after the FLIP. Just short weeks away now….


BIG UGLY from last July’s perspective. How did I do in characterizing it for you back then?

Has it occurred to you to wonder, how does he know this?

What else does he know? What else is coming?

Pay attention to these writings! We a provide YOU with WARNINGS about YOUR FUTURE!


[KM] Discussions are coming in to the center of the normies (your constituents) in waves from the fringes of the social order. Talk of the [KM] is dominating the financial fringe now. It is just weeks away from over-turning ALL the financial media, though YOU won’t hear much on the supported, captured, corporate media as the heads of those corporations ARE in the [KM].

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