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Naive, much?

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Vox Populi – Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#9

February 22, 2023

Naive, much?

You are being watched!

Do you think you were alone when you guys met in the parking garage? How naive.

Ever hear of ‘security cams’?

The goal of the Authoritarians is to have complete security camera coverage of all people all the time.

They are working diligently to achieve this as rapidly as possible. They work so hard because they are scared of the People waking up. An awake and aware population is a questioning population which authoritarians can NOT have. So they hurry.

Other people simply sit back and let them do their dictator plan tactics. Why interfere with your enemy when they are building out your spy network?

There are lots of frogs (aka ‘techies’) working diligently ‘appropriating’ the security cam feeds from all around you.

Your security systems are already compromised. Did you really think the State’s IT departments can keep information secure? My, how naive.

Look around you. Now. See the cams?

Look for them when you walk downstairs to the cafeteria. Look in the corners of the rooms & around the light fixtures. Look at the edges of the ceilings in the halls.

See the cams?

Do you see the external cams? The ones with the IR LED lights in circles around the camera lens?

You are being watched.

THEY want to watch your every move. Do you think the [DS] trusts you? It trusts you even less just because you work for the Legislature. You have been identified as a point of vulnerability in THEIR plans. That’s why they watch you constantly. They are waiting to catch you selling them out. You know what happens then.

You heard that THEY are putting vid cams in the bathrooms of the Capitol & all State buildings, yes? It was funny that they brought up ‘keeping trans people safe’ as one of the reasons.

You are being watched, not just by We, the People.

It’s easy for us. There are the Pepe Frog Legions of thousands of techies who devote long hours writing BASH & PowerShell OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) gathering scripts to track your digital movements across the social media.

Best practices for cyber-security teams is to constantly seek for persistences implanted into Windows machines.

Are you getting your Windows machine scrubbed daily by the Capitol IT Dept? Well…hmmm?

And do you think they are scrubbing the servers that support all the video camera surveillance software? Yeah, right. This is your state government employees…you know that, right? There is no Super Duper Flying IT Team coming to save you. It’s the employees of IT whom are constantly getting shit from all their abusive users. Yes, they are sure to be the very best cyber security guys keeping your videos away from prying eyes….other than theirs, and their real bosses (not you), and the ‘agents’ that are in the employ of their real bosses.

Will there be digital ID’s for all people? Your movements will be much easier to track when these are implemented. You can trust that there are Salivating Frogs out waiting for YOU to get a digital ID.

How soon before YOUR bathroom vid hits the internet? How soon before your movements & digital discourse is available to all on-line?

The thing about this ‘digital age’ is that nothing, once digitized, is ever gone. ALL digital material run through any server leaves a copy on that server. Had you heard that there are copies of the Zoom meetings in which USA Federal government employees planned out the J6 event weeks before it happened? It was a conspiracy by definition; it was digital, and now we will all be able to watch it, courtesy of the Zoom servers and the Frog Legions.

How many Zoom (or Skype) calls have you made?

Very Important Errata:

Are you vaccinated? No? Many politicians are not as y’all were not mandated….but you may end up that way with your next blood transfusion. Here’s what you can do to save YOUR life from someone else’s bad decision to take the vaccine and then donate blood.

Or, are you vaccinated? Which one? Well, it may not matter much as your next emergency blood transfusion may provide you with a different, and competing type of vaccine influence on YOUR health.

Blood bank screening laws….

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