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Resistance is Useless!

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Vox Populi – Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#8

February 17, 2023

Resistance is Useless!

YOUR neighbors are OUR SPIES!

Do you see the WAR yet?

Do you see the sabotage? The train wrecks? The damage? The casualties? Soon it will be at YOUR DOOR! Can you open your eyes and WAKE before it is too late?

We, the People SEE. We, the People KNOW!

We see YOU. Your neighbors are OUR SPIES!

How do you think we know to tell you weeks, months, in advance of the manifestation of events that will ALTER your FUTURE?

The playbook of the Enemy of the People is KNOWN. They are incredibly stupid!

The PEOPLE had to be SHOWN what the Enemy would do! That is why your world makes NO sense to you! It was necessary that the People see, that they bear Witness to the Crimes of the Infiltrated and Captured Officialdom! The Biden Crime Family as well as ALL the Corrupt Congress Critters will be KNOWN to the People.

It was a giant STING and they fell for it!

The People of Washington are also going to Witness the exposure of corrupt officialdom as Crimes are laid bare. Prepare for it! Your co-worker’s crimes WILL be exposed. We know the timing, THEY do not! That’s why they are sweating, and nervous as a man walking the plank! They can feel our eyes on them. They can feel that tightening around their throat! They can feel their bowels about to empty from FEAR!

The People are learning of the WAR now in the Homeland! USA is invaded! Two MILLION saboteurs have come across the southern border. WHOM SHALL THE PEOPLE BLAME after the foreign agents are disposed?


Do YOU think the People’s WRATH will pass YOU by? We know you hope so…

Your neighbors and co-workers spy for US, We the People.

Next time you get coffee or food from the cafeteria in the lower level, look at the cashier! Even if she is BLIND, she hears! She hears the fear in the voices! She knows, listens, and reports!

Look to the dishwashers. Someone clearing YOUR table is noting you, your colleagues, and the time, as well as what you were saying about whom! Do you really think you are NOT observed?! Constantly!

Who empties the trash from your office? Do you think they just dump it? We are not as stupid as you are naive!

Why am are YOU being told all this?!?

Because we are all very close to major changes in the nature of this 5GUW (5th generation unrestricted warfare).

Remember, in 5GUW, the PEOPLE control the timing of the WAR, not our enemies.

Look around you now. YOU are being watched! You are being recorded.

Legislator, be advised, WE, THE PEOPLE, SEE.

Soon, very soon, WE, The People, will ACT!

Be prepared. Resistance is Useless.

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