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First Aid for OHIO

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Immediate First Aid for toxic chemical bomb.

Coping with toxic exposures requires a different level of thinking about the body. This is especially pertinent with vinyl chloride exposure as in the E. Palestine, Ohio chemical bomb explosion.

Above all, vinyl chloride will attack the liver. It is most rapidly fatal through breathing with a sufficiently large volume of it, however, it produces the most damage over the longer term via the liver. So if you survive breathing it, you still are in the worry zone.

This would be a clear pointer to daily use of Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) tea as it is very liver protective as has been established over a number of studies over these last 100 years. And we specifically note in the article at the link below, that Chaga prevents, reduces, and eliminates liver cancers in a general sense, but also has had results against the specific ‘rare’ liver cancer that is associated with vinyl chloride exposure.

In my post cancer surgery days, my Chaga tea consumption would be over 10 cups a day. No ill effects. This was a test to see if it was possible to reach a body-revulsion level with chaga. None was found in my body.

My daily chaga consumption is always at least 1 cup, but more usually 3 cups of the tea per day.

Chaga can be obtained at (I have a commercial relationship with these fine people who manufacture & retail my PureSleep mix for me.)

It can also be purchased on Amazon (of course!),

but direct from,, and many other sources.

It is a powder. Make the tea with hot water, and drinking the powder is fine. It actually aids in removing toxins from the gut.

While there are mixed reports for the used of ‘active carbon’, also known as ‘activated charcoal’, in removing vinyl chloride from the system, there is enough to suggest that using activated charcoal may remove some of the material if it is deposited in the gut.

Chaga is safe for pets and livestock. Both as a powder, and as a tea. Dogs can benefit from a few drops of a chaga extract in their water.

This is the best thinking at this moment on the OHIO toxic bomb effects. If other methods present themselves, this article may be augmented, or republished.

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