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Why is it?

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Why is it?

Simple math, really.

It’s all about Energy.

Always. Energy dominates this Matterium. That is this place where we exist in 3/three dimensional space and your ass can sit on stuff. The place of Impenetrability of Matter. Your ass doesn’t sink into it, it sits on top of it. Well, maybe it spills over the side a bit, but you don’t merge with the chair.

In this Matterium, Energy Rules. Everything is energy dependent. Matter is heavy, and tends to want to not move. So movement is a primary energy usage for all of Life. It takes energy to move your ass. Especially to get it started moving.

Even Human Life, where we abstract, and project out into the Matterium, is subject to the energy rules. If’n you don’t have the energy, you don’t get it done. Your ass would stay put.

It’s all about Energy.

At all levels of Human Activity, we have an inherent, mostly hidden from the plain sight of the inattentive mind, abstraction of Energy Costs in-built to the Activity.

Human Activity, even the base level of simple survival, is driven, controlled, and directed, by our emotions. Human emotions are one of the highest levels of in-body energy activity of which we are capable. Emotions are energy, in that they direct its application and projection out into the Matterium. Emotions manifest in the human body as complex energy structures that are involving the brain and the neural compound structure, as well as key, hormone producing organs. Energy, manifesting as emotion, within the human body IS our world.

Everything in this Matterium is controlled by its energy costs. Playing a sport takes physical energy. Playing that sport competitively takes more energy, at all levels. More energy to build better, more stylish, more attractive equipment to try to reach the emotional expectations of the player. Play that sport for a living, and watch the costs escalate. All are energy costs. More energy to move the player further around the planet for the competition. Measured as energy, the local weekend tennis player is a small mammal, maybe rodent-sized, while global competition participants are whales, in terms of their energy usage for the same activity.

The energy costs affect all human activities. This includes money. We even see the abstraction in the words we use about money. We even call it ‘currency’, implying movement in that label. Just examine a financial newspaper to see how much of the language is related to movement. We use energy words constantly in discussing money-things. We know, though we don’t often speak of it at that level.

Energy costs affect all our activities. These costs actually offer a good metric for making decisions. When you reduce the problem to the energy use involved, frequently, if not always, an answer emerges as a natural part of forming the equation.

Using energy cost calculations it is easy to falsify electric vehicles powered by Lithium/Rare Earth batteries as a ‘good idea’. It takes 800 times the energy capacity of the battery just to mine the materials to create it. This does not include any of the energy needed to fabricate it, move it into use, et al. So to ‘pay back’ the energy investment, each battery would have to be able to be completely drained by use and recharged at a minimum over 801 times. The problem is that the materials of the battery are exhausted by the recharging process in only a small fraction of those complete re-charges.

In actual use, charging of battery powered EV’s is done on a partial load basis which disguises the energy math involved, but the current estimate is that effective life of LI/Rare Earth batteries is estimated by NON industry engineers to only ever reach approximately 80% of ‘pay back’. Even the manufacturers recognize the energy cost equation and recommend only partial recharging to forestall battery exhaustion.

Using energy cost analysis it is easy to falsify all of the World Economic Forum’s ‘Green New Deal’ as being a road to a quick death for Humanity.

Humans need energy. To restrict access to it, and use of it, is to doom humans.

All the great Thinkers in history were concerned with getting more energy for humanity. Nikola Tesla even wrote a book about it. He was very busy inventing everything in your world that uses electricity, so it must have been important to him.

The Problem of Increasing Human Energy

By Nikola Tesla

In this text, first published in Century Magazine in 1900, inventor, engineer, physicist and futurist Nikola Tesla, takes you on an intellectual journey through several of his major findings, theories and innovations, while focusing on how they may be used to solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges. Filled with Tesla’s in-depth insights, ideas and predictions, this must-read text is sure to make a welcome addition to the library of both the casual reader and Nikola Tesla fans alike.

Humanity requires energy. In my opinion, humans are existent as energy conversion critters for the goals of Universe. Anything we get out of the process is a bonus. Count yourself lucky, kind of thing.

Universe clearly wants us to keep on keeping on in converting as much energy as we may. We think we are ‘doing stuff’ with the energy, but really we all know Universe has other ideas operating here.

This is why it was easy to see the pending death of the WEF GND from so far back in time. They are/were trying to restrict energy access. This won’t work. Humans do, and will, object. Further, the whole engineered ‘trend’ is going against the natural order of Universe which is to increase the energy available to humans.

More energy from the sun falls on earth in a day, than all of Humanity can use and convert in a year.

Humans need, and want more energy. The whole of the WEF was engaged in ‘groupen thinken’ which is not reasoned, examined, and considered thinking, but is rather an exercise in ‘group mind dynamics’. This kind of ‘non-thinking group adherence to a bad idea’ was eloquently illustrated in the Abilene Paradox.

If one were to think about it, and ask themselves that nastiest of all questions “why” about anything of these last, oh, say 50 years, it comes back to the WEF attempting to perform a genocide on humanity by energy restriction using multiple methods including group-think/mind control, as well as currency manipulation, and many other tactics.

Some of these tactics are instantly falsified by energy analysis, yet the whole of the western ‘liberal’ republic general population has apparently succumbed to mind control around the idea that the planet is dying and they are the reason.

The real state of affairs is that the WEF had a plan for Humanity to be dying. Without regard to that, the planet is fine, there is no climate ‘change’ caused by humans, we are not ‘carbon dooming’ the environment, or any of the other doom-saying expressions projected into humanity by the WEF.

What is of interest at this moment is that the WEF itself, its efforts, its projects, are failing. Energy analysis of the WEF clearly shows energy depletion in all areas. Further the energy depletion, the lack of new funding, the withdrawal of support has all combined to create a situation of in-fighting that could be characterized as ‘cannibalism’.

The cannibalism of the WEF is exposing many crimes, and many criminals. It is going to be necessary that humanity investigate, and remove the corruption put in place by the WEF over these last decades. Their plot was global. It involved all the countries, and all the world’s central banks. It will take us a long time, and a lot of energy to put this shit right.

We can use energy calculations to make better decisions going forward, individually and collectively, but what I want to know is why is it these fucktards don’t do energy calculations and recognize that their evil plot to control the world and enslave humanity is doomed to failure, just on the energies involved. Do they yet recognize that now they are doomed as well?

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