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Giant PROBLEMS Showing NOW!

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Vox Populi – Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#6

February 5, 2023

Giant PROBLEMS Showing NOW!

Traps are made this way!

It is ANGER!

Anger is the motivation for the Populace now, and the system in place is preventing YOU from seeing it!

A very dangerous ‘side effect’ of a corrupted political system such as we have here in Washington state republic, is that the ‘winners’ of the cheating system are SELF-ISOLATING!

Yes, by cheating, by rigging, by controlling the ‘system’, the corrupt ‘winners’ of the elections must remove the natural balances within the system that will (“would have?”) kept them safe from a general popular revolution. This is THE consequence that ALL people learn EVERY time there is a corrupt concentration of power through controlled voting process.

This is happening in Washington NOW.

Anger is building so rapidly over YOUR actions, and INACTIONS, that it is surprising that you are so steady in public! It is surprising that your body does not betray fear of personal attack at any moment! Kudos to you! Keep it up!

The future will be much more challenging for you!

Legislator Be Advised. Your ‘system’ is placing YOU on a confrontational path with the MAJORITY of citizens in our republic whose voices are hidden from you by corrupted voting system, and captured media! These do YOU NO service!

Open and accurate vote counts and honest media are there to PREVENT what is coming, what has come to social orders repeatedly over thousands of years, what is pending here in Washington, and the greater USA soon!

A populace without a voice, WILL resort to its fists. Read history much? Ever?

Universe itself propels change, constantly, ever. Temporarily frustrated by corruption, Universe builds CHANGE to the point it will overwhelm ALL attempts to thwart it!

It’s here. It’s building now.

Those people who do not learn from history are doomed to suffer in the next expression of its cycles.

You have, perhaps, and that is a BIG GUESS, this year to learn. Time is predictable, populace temper and emotional control is not.

You will certainly understand these words in proper context by August.

Keep this Advisor. Print it out. Check it in August. If circumstances will allow you. Is it accurate?

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