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Life, Death, and all that stuff…

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So I have died 3 times in this body’s life.

All 3 were the same experience, separated by decades & totally different in circumstances leading to the experiences.

The last time was just 2018. So fresh in mind. Not that the memory fades. At all.

I worry about people who have rigid belief systems.

This is because, excepting Harold Percival’s book, Thinking and Destiny, I have never read, nor heard, anything that came close to replicating my 2 (at the time I had first read the book) experiences with crossing the life/death barrier.

Then I died again in 2018, and yet again, same experience, and then was thrown back into this Matterium. Apparently I had shit to do that needed to be done. Not my choice. Admittedly, I was really really pissed about it.

But the thing is that mentition, that is the process of thinking, here in the Matterium does NOT prepare you for the death experience. The more rigid your thinking is about the whole ‘death thing’, the more you will be shocked, assuming your experience is anything like my three.

Just a strange thought. Not a warning really, as nothing to be done about it, nor for it. And that is assuming that the death experience is the same for all humans. Who knows?

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