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It don’t come easy…

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It don’t come easy…

Leg email addresses list

So there is a newly ‘elected’ (* IMO selected, not elected, and by the WEF) crop of legislators here in Washington State as we enter into the new 2023 Washington State legislative season.

Thus it is time, once again, to renew the efforts of the Vox Populi series of newsletters delivered to the legislators, and, perhaps more importantly, their legislative assistants.

This necessarily requires a visit to the Washington Legislature’s web site where, for my kind of action, they do NOT make it easy.

The ‘officialdom’ version of contacting a Washington state legislator is here.

They want you to do this one at a time. That does not work for me. My goal is a mass mailing of a newsletter, and specifically, a mailing to their legislative assistants as it is my opinion that most, perhaps nearly all, of the (S)elected legislators are not capable of reading in any meaningful way.

Thus it necessary to use a few computing skills to go around the officialdom control mechanism in order to gather all the email addresses & reduce them to a mailing list for the purposes of delivery of the Vox Populi newsletters.

A new Vox series for this year will start posting soon(ish).

In the interim, here is the reduced list of legislative emails, both (s)elected officialdom, and their legislative assistants.

It is a comma delimited format so you should be able to copy and paste into your email to create a mailing list of the 2023 Washington State Legislative emails.

Hint for other states. If you are not able to find your legislative representatives emails as a list, hunt for them under the term “roster”, another name for a list that officialdom doesn’t think you know.




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