Work History – Recent

December 2015 – June 2016
Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service, Including Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital – Web Information Architect and Intranet Designer (Contractor)

My brief was to analyse CHQ’s websites and Intranet, identify any IA (Information Architecture) and usability issues, develop an improved IA and recommend any other necessary improvements.

The review identified a number of structural and functionality issues that led to a new user-focused Information Architecture and the migration of key content types from unstructured static pages into structured database-hosted dynamic pages.

The overall benefits of the changes are improved usability for content consumers and easier management of content for content owners and managers.

Key deliverables of the body of work

  • Detailed site analysis and reports of findings for CHQ’s websites and intranet.
  • Consultation with key stakeholders along with detailed reports of findings.
  • Design of new IA for CHQ websites and intranet
  • Design and development of site-integrated cloud-based database content display and management system.

August 2015 – September 2015
Queensland Health – Prevention Division (Contractor)

Website Designer – My specific brief was to analyse the division’s Intranet site and develop a new Information Architecture with a focus on organising content along user-centric lines. I also looked at general usability of the site with a view to improving site navigation, content findability and searchability.
Key deliverables of the body of work were:

  • A new information architecture for the website.
  • A new categorisation structure for the division’s list of services offered.
  • A report detailing findings from the analysis phase and recommendations moving forward.

July 2009 – March 2014
RSL Care (Permanent)

After successful implementation of CareDocs, I was offered a permanent role as the “Knowledge Analyst”. 
My responsibilities included the following:

  • Manage and maintain CareDocs (Intranet based Document Management System).
  • Develop, manage and maintain RSL Care’s Knowledge Framework (all web related systems & facilities associated with storage & distribution of knowledge in the business).
  • Develop and maintain policies, standards and guidelines for the creation, design and maintenance of knowledge content within the Intranet and Document Management spaces.
  • Manage migration of content from old to new Intranet-based DMS (Document Management System).
  • Design, implement & manage departmental sub-sites on corporate Intranet
  • Participate significantly in requirements analysis and technology selection process for Web CMS, Unified Communications platform, Video Conferencing system.
  • Project Manage implementation of Microsoft Lync UC and VC platform.

Feb 2009 – June 2009
RSL Care (Contractor)

RSL Care – CareNet review and CareDocs implementation (Contract role)

  • Worked closely with the “CareNet Review” project manager to review & analyse current state of play with the RSL Care Intranet and in particular systems, processes & procedures relating to the development and management of  “controlled documents” hosted by CareNet.
  • Developed a new approach to document management for controlled documents where responsibility for all aspects of document development, publishing, quality management and maintenance over time is devolved to document owners and editors rather than being centralised around IS-Support and a few key uploaders.
  • Designed and developed CareDocs, a simple Document Management System, to support the new document management approach.
  • Introduced the CodeCharge Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to support Rapid Application Development of ASP .NET, web based, database backed applications enabling rapid development of the CareDocs application. 

Oct 2008 – Nov 2008

Worked for Praxa for 2 weeks developing a Functional Specifications document for a new website/web application to be implemented by a Praxa client.

July 2008 – Sep 2008

I spent much of his time in this period designing and building the web based application
The QuesTraq application is essentially a PIM (Personal Information Manager) designed to enable professional contractors and job-seekers in general to track and manage their contract hunting and job-searching activities.  QuesTraq is now online ( and available for use by anybody searching for work in Australia or New Zealand.

September 2004 – June 2008
FCm Travel Solutions (Flight Centre, Corporate Travel division)

Global Webmaster

Initially engaged on a short contract to rapidly implement several public websites and a password protected extranet site for Flight Centre’s recently re-branded corporate travel services entity “FCm Travel Solutions”. Very tight timeframes were set and met for these implementations using an open-source CMS (Content Management System) named FarCry (from that had been previously selected by the global e-commerce manager.

Following successful commissioning of the FarCry CMS, the role expanded to incorporate site setup, user training and content management tasks. I oversaw the operation of, and provided support for, the Global Internet site (, the Global Extranet site and approximately 15 locally authored country sites.  I worked closely with Global Marketing and numerous other stakeholders both in Australia and internationally to ensure the fleet of websites operated optimally and that all content was relevant to the audience, of the best quality, and always up to date.

The role also included the design, development and implementation of several web-based database applications including a worldwide employment database, a tender responses knowledgebase, an incident logging system, a company profiles database, a prospecting database and several other small web applications.

As part of a company-wide high level process to consolidate and standardise content management systems and practices across the organisation, I oversaw replacement of the existing CMS with a new php based CMS from a vendor based in Melbourne. As part of this project I directed the re-development of the website look & feel, Information Architecture restructure, a new content taxonomy and development of a new web Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing Strategy for the company’s suite of websites.

During the almost 4 years I spent at FCm Travel I:

  • Oversaw customisation and implementation of a previously selected Content Management System. Trained users locally & internationally in person and via Webex/Skype conferencing.
  • Performed CMS requirements analysis, specification, evaluation and implementation as part of the Flight Centre wide CMS replacement project and championed the specific needs of  FCm Travel Solutions as part of the overall project.
  • Worked closely with  Look & Feel designers, CMS vendor/developers, systems integrators and service providers to ensure the site designs were faithfully translated to a working system within fixed and tight timeframes.
  • Administered both old and new CMS’ on a day to day basis including management of content, users and groups for the Extranet, Global Internet site and 15+ country websites.
  • Developed and delivered user and administrator training worldwide to users of the CMS and other applications.
  • Performed website design, wire-framing, site structure, navigation design and usability analysis.
  • Performed Information Architecture analysis and development for current websites and their new replacements.
  • Developed a taxonomy for the new CMS for both websites and extranet.
  • Developed a unified website marketing & management strategy, including SEO strategy.
  • Managed stakeholders worldwide.
  • Identified the need for and implemented an agile development environment for non-mission-critical applications to enable implementation of small quick-win web applications outside the normal enterprise development cycle.
  • Development of several new web-based applications for global implementation, using the implemented “Agile Development Environment”
  • Engaged in an ongoing internal education process to upgrade the skills and understanding of the company’s marketing management team with relation to Internet marketing concepts and Internet skills in general.